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End of The Month Summary

To conclude the month I wanted to showcase all the friend's work to show them that I am thankful for everything they do, and after thinking about who to showcase I figured it would be a lot to go over in such little time and although everyone is special to me in their own way. I just came up with the idea to summarize different types of experiences I've had that I'm thankful for.

Day Ones

When things fall apart there are only so many people that I can actually run to when the times gets hard. People that I lean on even though we do not talk as consistently as we used to due to other priorities that we have gained as we get older. I know these days self care is an important thing and having friends that love you lets you know that you are not alone and make it possible to do more for yourself.

New Ones

For the new experiences I've had this year, by meeting new friends to help me elevate, create new projects and create new opportunities. As time passes I hope that we can stay in touch and keep supporting each other. I am truly thankful to have the chance to see you guys grow in your lives and to somehow be apart of that. Having that purpose motivates me to keep on moving forward in life.

The Heartbreaks

Heartbreaks come from the people that leave. Not just romantic relationships but friendships that come and go. But from the time you spent with them, you learned to grown in to something better. There might be a lot of differences that have brought the time you had together to an end, but without those differences you would have never seen a new perspective that can open your mind and understand certain things that you may not have if you didn't and I am thankful for those things too. I also wish them well on their journey's they set off in.


I just want to reiterate that I hope in talking about what I am thankful for helps anyone realize what they can be thankful for. It might not be too hard to see for some of you guys to see what you are thankful for but. I guess this month there

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