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Welcome to the world of LVR Films

Hi you all!

This is going to be a weekly Blog Post. So, stay tuned for every Tuesday morning I’ll be posting some content on here. Some of the posts will highlight different things here in the Las Vegas Film community and some posts will be personal things that we find that may be useful for us all. We will try to keep these posts interactive, but please keep in mind of what you say just so that we are building a healthy environment for everyone that is a part of this community. Technology and Social Media has given us multiple ways to reach out and communicate with each other and I feel like this is just one of those ways to keep everything going in a positive direction in everybody's lives and to stay engaged everything that happens within the our film community.

Since this is going to be the first month of posting and thanksgiving is around the corner, I figure the theme for this month's post are going to be things that we are thankful for.

This image is from a poster from amazon.

Stay Tuned!

End by restating your main message. You can sign off with a funny note or an open question.

Once again thank you for being apart of the LVR Film community. We hope to help you grow and evolve as a creative. Is there anything you are thankful for?

Let us know what you're thankful for by leaving a comment!

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