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What am I thankful for?

As of now we are in the season of holidays and there is a lot to reflect on. I was always such a workaholic and as I got older. Just to get ahead in life and finally payback my loved ones everything that I owed them. Even when they said I owe them nothing.

There are many things that I am thankful for and this post will focus on Family.

Typical Filipino family.

My Mother

For anyone that really knows me, it's my mother who raised me and supported me through everything. I know I am lucky to say that because not everyone can say that have a mother. But like anyone else that has a busy life and ambitions. I tend to take time with her for granted. This might be a common thing among my other family members but I know that they will always support me know matter what.

My Father

Although Augustine Rubio may not be my biological father. He has been the most consistent father figure in my life. He has taught me many things about being a man and I'm forever thankful for him no matter what we have been through. And it has not been easy for us. Even through divorce with my Mother he still shows up and takes care of us within his respectful boundaries.

He now has another family of his own and I always wish them the best through sickness and in health.

My Sister

Although we are always busy on our journey's through life. We always had a heavy heart. I know she will be ok because you have learned from my mistakes and she has focused so much on her schooling to get to where she is now. My sister is a talented graphic designer and once she is out in the real world. I know we will always be there for each other when the time gets rough.

Take time to love your family

I know this an obvious thing to state, but I feel like there are times where we can generally take our family for granted. Whether it be because we see them everyday and we become busy with work and stress of everyday life.

I hope when you read this you can stop and think if there are things about your family that you can be thankful for.

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