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The past few years, it has been hard for me to let people in and start trusting people. But after getting help and working on myself. It has been a work in progess, but nonetheless, It is still hard work sometimes there is no finish line to this. I just keep chasing the horizon and the destination becomes the journey.

RIP Matthew Perry

Look At What Is In Front Of You

I'll be the first to say that I have taken not only my family for granted at times. I am also guilty for taking my friends for granted.

While going through different traumas in my life and healing from them. Going to therapy, reading books about it. It only finally occurred to me how negligent I have been. After an incident in my past I have been more stand offish and started pushing people away. Only to find out that some of these friends were trying to help me through it and actually valued my friendship.

Everyone thinks they have a good heart. I think the problem with that is that we never try to see what the other perspective is when it comes to certain situations. I am guilty of not seeing the other side of times, because I have made the mistake thinking that what I thought was the only right way, and it is not.

At the end of the month I am going to post the majority of my friends work that I am thankful for. I have not had the time to gather all of their info yet due to other projects that I am trying to tackle.

So stay tuned and Don't forget to like and leave a comment!

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